nquotes.config is an XML configuration file that has several NQuotes settings. This file is located at "%TERMINAL_DATA_PATH%\MQL4\nquotes.config". To modify the settings, open this file in Notepad.



Experts directory path. A path to the folder, where you expert advisor DLL is located. This setting is a path relative to the "nquotes.config" file. Thus, if you specify a relative path like "Experts\MyDLL", then the DLL will be searched inside "%TERMINAL_DATA_PATH%\MQL4\Experts\MyDLL\" folder. The absolute path value is also supported.

The expert advisor DLL must be copied to this folder in order to be found by NQuotes. For development it's typical to set this path to your project output folder to avoid copying manually. For example, if you have a project at "C:\Users\Jason\Projects\MovingAverage\MovingAverage.sln", and after building your DLL appears at "C:\Users\Jason\Projects\MovingAverage\bin\Debug\MovingAverage.dll", you can set ExpertsDirPath to this path: "C:\Users\Jason\Projects\MovingAverage\bin\Debug".


Logs directory path. A path to the folder, where NQuotes will store debug information logs. This should be an absolute path. It can contain environment variables in percent signs. The default value is "%TEMP%", which is usually placing logs in "C:\Users\_USER_NAME_\AppData\Local\Temp" folder. The log files "nquotes.log" and "nquotes.connector.log" are created there. "NQLog" class can be used in .NET to write messages to nquotes.log.


Allows rebuilding an expert advisor DLL without restarting MT4 terminal. This is "true" by default, which means that you can rebuild your project DLL, and test in in the terminal right away. Setting this to "false" will significantly increase backtesting performance, but rebuilding the DLL will require stopping the terminal due to direct loading.


The default value "true" means that every time you run an expert advisor from the terminal, it will try to find and connect to the DebugHost process if it is running. Thus if you start DebugHost from an IDE with a debugger, you are able to debug your code. Set this variable to "false" when this is undesirable. This can be useful if you have several separate MT4 installations on a single PC. If such a terminal is configured to "false", it will run the expert advisor silently without interruptions by the debugger process.