You can use NQuotes with any kind of obfuscation software that supports .NET code.
There are few key points that need to be checked if you are going to obfuscate your expert advisor DLL:

  • The expert advisor namespace and class name should not be obfuscated. This class is an entry point to your code, so it should be kept intact.
  • The output DLL required .NET framework version must match the input version. Some obfuscators may change it.
  • If you have an NQuotes license, it must be applied after obfuscation. When building the DLL you need to set "Delay sign only" checkbox in the project properties "Signing" tab. When the obfuscation is done, you need to sign the obfuscated DLL from the command line using the strong name tool (sn.exe). Check out this detailed guide: Dotfuscating Strong Named Assemblies. "sn.exe" can be executed from the Visual Studio Command Prompt.